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Service:Skin Classic - $40 and up add another, change

High Frequency technology can now treat irregularities without laser or a scalpel!  Treatments are quick and discomfort is minimal.  Most treatments begin with a light microdermabrasion, derma plane or derma file  to remove the stratum corneum  (outer later of dead skin cells).  Once removed, more minor skin irregularities may show themselves.  The skin classic probe never enters the skin; it barely touches the skin and it is therefore called the touch method.  Immediately you will see waiting and hoping.  A demo can be provided to assure you that you are spending your money and time wisely.  

Skin Classic Consultation (15 min.) Complimentary
Single Skin Abnormality:  $25
Partial Face Treatment: $75
Full Face & Neck Treatment:  $150

Staff: Nancy Gargiulo
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